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Broad and narrow thinking

  1. Narrow
    1. sometimes i need a respite from trying to connect ideas.
    2. Long ago, when I began college, everyone was allotted a website domain and server space for free. Puttering in HTML, playing with goofy Photoshop images—creating a simple website was about the most gratifying thing I could imagine doing.
    3. I still enjoy that kind of puttering. This website shell that you’re looking at, I made it. It’s built in Jekyll, a bit of Ruby code that uses stuff like Markdown and and an HTML-friendly templating language call Liquid. Among the dev professionals of the world, it’s peanuts, but it has taken me a bit to learn how to make it all work together and I really enjoy learning the ins and outs of simple web development. There are lots of bits that I don’t really understand, but actually making the templates and the javascript bits that plug into this site’s pages has been quite satisfying.
    4. tinkering with dev stuff helps: it feels like progress, it’s movement, it has solid answers when the crafting of ideas and pinning down of nebulous feeling-thought-mood-tones is much more grueling or daunting or intimidating.
    5. In the guild, the persona/force/psyche-tone that likes to do this work is sometimes excited and focused. Sometimes there is another one who also knows the ropes and she is nervous, anxious, cannot settle, feels jumpy and cannot forget her health-OCD tics. Creating webpages helps tremendously with this.
  2. Broad
    1. sometimes i want to noooooodle and imagine, loose and free. research and synthesize, smart and excited.
  3. Broadness in Narrow
    1. [+] with mastery, the narrow landscapes open up to be malleable and much broadness is possible
    2. [-] meandering, confusion
  4. Narrowness is Broad
    1. [+] focus and clarity, a chosen path
    2. [-] clinging to a solution or idea when there are many possibilities

Diagram of an equinox