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Narrow and broad thinking, part 1

We are all comprised of multiple skills and interests. How do your multiplicities support and nurture you at different times?

Quarantine anxiety and cognitive functions

I have struggled with anxiety around issues of health for a few years, and ongoing coronavirus mismanagement in the broader United States has exacerbated it. Diggning into Jung's concept of cognitive fuctions has helped me unearth some gems that seem to have value for my self-awareness.

It wasn't fear of a blank page. It was lack of vision.

Sometimes the thing we grapple with isn't the real thing. For years I grappled with blocks that I see now came from a lack of vision and spiritual alignment. I explore a bit on how surface discontents can point to the need for deeper resolution.

The secret systems within you

Sometimes your "problems" seem too simple or vague for coaching. This may be a sign that there are deeper connections and structures at play, and coaching could be a valuable relationship to consider.

The practice of traveling to nowhere particular

Our work can be layered with expectations about what we make and how we share. Let's take a deeper look at the idea of practice.

What is creative coaching?

What do life coaches do? Who can they help? For starters, they should be helping you grow on your own terms and giving you lasting skills.

Good listening needs good questions

Listening is the magical power behind good conversation, but listening is far more than being quiet or passively taking in information. How can you be an engaged, interested listener?

I take space, I make space

I've struggled with shyness around my own creative work. What does sharing look like for me right now? What does connection look like?