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A brief introduction

Hello! I’m Kristin.

I believe that fluent functioning—in your career or personal life—needs ongoing insight.

I offer the leadership and insight tools to support you as you develop new perspectives on yourself or your professional goals. I want to help you learn to show up to your careers in a more fulfilling and sustainable manner.

Who are you?

You’re some version of a conscientious and curious person who is trying to marry the many sides of yourself with some grace and humor. You want to grow in your career, but you also aren’t a work robot.

You’re a thoughtful person. You need balance, richness, and some joy as you go about your day. You know that your personal life and career feed each other, and that success, for you, is a complex mix of value balancing.

You want to use insightful, personal value-based practices to effectively grow your career in a way that’s authentic to you.

What’s this site all about?

This place offers ideas for how you might look at yourself or your struggles in a new way. I offer a view into my own processes so that you might see how they work and as a result gain some ideas for your own process cultivation.

I share what opinions arise out of those processes. I would expect that, should you take up your own processes in a new way, you will likely arrive at your own opinions. Maybe we will share in our opinions, maybe we won’t.

I know there exists an online guru culture that saturates much blog writing, and it seeks somewhat desperately to convey to you gentle readers that the author of such works has A Most Special Knowledge. The authorities in the worlds of market insist that we convey to you, “Do as I tell you, for I know the way of things”.

I don’t cotton to that patriarchal control-urge, however. I’m just working through life, same as you. I like to consider things, to seek patterns and hidden meanings in events, behaviors, and the like. But all this considering, for better or worse, is just my angle. It’s me sharing some slice of myself with you so you can see through these prismatic lenses of experience some version of the human that I am, and in the doing perhaps see your own self in some new or useful or patient or loving way.

In the end, for me it’s all about deepening one’s own viewpoints and connections to the world we live within. Making some meaning out of this lived experience.

What do you gain from this place?

I want to share my thinking processes, and to connect with folks who find benefit from that. My hope is that you’ll come away with new ideas for your daily working life and beyond. My hope is that you’ll see new patterns in the behaviors of yourself and others and find new ways to interact with those patterns.

We can partner to help you better find your own perspectives, too. Partnering can to help you cultivate the parts of yourself or your world that you most value, and to bring a new energy to your career.

You want to grow yourself professionally in an authentic, fulfilling way, and it can feel daunting or exhausting. It doesn’t have to be, though. If you’d like to collaborate on ideas and plans for your career growth, send me a note and we can have a free, easy conversation about how that might go for you.

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